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Why and how to advertise?

Answer on the first question is very easy and probably known by everyone: to get exposure, to get visitors to your website and to get customers who will purchase services or products you offer. It is all about traffic. More traffic you receive on your websites, more potential customers will know about you and more real customers and purchases will be on your website.

Advertising is at vital importance for your website to live - to produce potential prospects.

How to advertise?

Most probably you are not owner or in management of large company with very large advertising budget. If this is the case, then you probably search for more effective advertising which will bring you more results in selling your services or products you have with lower costs.

This was the same situation we were in back in 2003. By not knowing almost anything about website building, website designing and advertising of our website in that time, we had like many other people online more yearly costs with our website than our revenue was. Web designer who designed our first website knew only about paid advertising possibilities you can find also now with Google or Facebook. There were just other names of websites which offered such paid advertising back in that time. But the principle was the same: this was possible only for bigger companies or for someone with bigger advertising budget. Because if you want to get results, quite a lot must be invested in advertising. And also when you invest a lot, you do not know if you will receive enough revenue back to cover your costs for advertising.

There must be a better solution

From that time we were in search and in development of our advertising platforms that offer you much more than classic online advertising. Yes, just by using our services you can start creating your additional income streams.

Advertise with profits

Did you get your domain and hosting already? Did you create your website with our installation tools? Then you are ready to start promoting your business. We offer you here several options to advertise your business where you can reduce your advertising costs or create your additional income or profit streams. On MeshtalkClicks - Profit Each Day you can use text / image banner advertising to get impressions to your banners, traffic exchange - PTC advertising, where each visit is visit to your website directly and much more options are available. With each advertising you can get daily revenue sharing.


Text and image banner advertising is also available on Profit Each day advertising program.

Take a look yourself what you can get!

On this our advertising platform you can promote also our domain and hosting services over 10 level affiliate - referral program. And this is only one income stream you can create for yourself and your family. We are offering you much more income streams here.

When you choose to buy our advertising services, you start generating daily income with this. You can decide for 100$ purchase of advertising, for example (you can choose less or more) and you can advertise with this 1 time payment over and over again if you choose to repurchase new advertisements with earned money. You can also cash out your earned money and reduce your initial cost for advertising or profit much more then your initial purchase was.