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Bitcoin value already over 4000$

Bitcoin grows!

Bitcoin value over 4000$

Bicoin value grew from 3800$ yesterday to over 4000$ today - during weekend!

It was quite unsure what will happen in August 2017 with Bitcoin after hard fork was planned. As always some people predicted that Bitcoin bubble will blow 😉 and the value will start to drastically drop. At the end of July Bitcoin value really dropped for few hundreds - but only for few days (as normally goes up and down). Also over the TV news there were talks about Bitcoin loosing value.

But in last few days of July and after hard fork on August 1 Bitcoin value started it's big growing. From 1900$ on July 16 it grew to over 4000$ on August 13. Amazing!

What can happen in the future? Can we still expect for Bitcoin value to grow?

Russia intends to legalise Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies market. According just to this data we can expect growth of Bitcoin value in next years.


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