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Bitcoin value grows in 2017 – important part is mining

Bitcoin real value over 3800$

Bitcoin real value over 3800$

Today when I checked the value of Bitcoin on CoinMarketCap, I noticed new record value. Bicoin value was over 3800$ at that time. Few minutes ago it was below that value but still vey close to it. There are few years now when I monitor what is happening on Cryptocurrencie's market and I must say that I made quite a lot of mistakes by not believing enough in these new markets.

Important part of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world is mining. Let's see what mining is: Bitcoin mining can be described as the process of adding new transaction details to the blockchain and releasing new Bitcoins. It also involves solving difficult mathematical puzzles and compiling new transactions with early happened transactions. The person who solves the puzzles will get to add a new blockchain and can claim rewards. With this bitcoins are created.

Mining is very important and some companies are very aware of this. They invest millions in mining technology. Bitcoin mining is highly carried in the countries of China, Iceland, Japan, Georgia. These countries mine the highest number of Bitcoins. Around Bitcoin we can talk about Bitcoin hardware, bitcoin software, Bitcoin tools, mining pools, cloud mining. So - many different kind of websites are available offering products and services that are important for Bitcoin to exist.

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