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Happy dog Miško

Already when dog Miško was found in terrible living situation, it was seen in his eyes: PLEASE HELP ME! Do not leave me here. I am so alone, hungry and on so short chain. I can not go on the walks ...

But he was rescued and from this point forward it is always visible gratitude in his eyes. He is very good dog. He likes to eat very much. It's visible in this that he was hungry many times before he was rescued. Everything - every food must be hidden from him and not just food. He likes also cat's shit on his menu when he finds it 😉

Several times a day he comes for petting or he looks from the couch - will you notice my eyes asking for petting.

Veterinarians are also saying that they did not see such a dog yet. Whenever he must go to the veterinarian, he does not make a sound, he is as happy as going anywhere else. No sound when he receives medications with injections - just like he does not feel this ...

Miško did not do any damage in appartment. He did found and eat 300g chocolate, yes ... but this not not count to damaging anything (remember - he likes to eat a lot) ... So - he is very brave dog. If I would decide to buy a young puppy dog, it would be completely different. I am not saying here puppy dogs are not cute ... they are, they are adorable ... but in the first year they can make a lot of damage in a house or apartment.

Do you want to have a dog, do you want to have your best friend? Consider and decide to rescue a shelter dog. I am sure he or she will always show gratitude for saving here and offering a good home.

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