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What Indeed are VPSs?

VPSs offer a flexible and powerful solution for your high resource-demanding web sites and apps. You will take advantage of a stable and fully isolated virtual server environment and your VPSs will behave just like a standalone dedicated server.

You can restart your virtual private web server anytime you wish and, with root access to the machine at hand, you can install any software programs you want. With any of MTWS's VPS plans, you can manage IP addresses, memory, processes, applications, libraries and configuration files autonomously of the rest of the VPS hosting accounts on the same machine.

KVM and OpenVZ-Based VPS Services

3 CPU Cores
110 GB Storage
$70.00 / month
4 CPU Cores
180 GB Storage
$110.00 / month

MTWS's new range of KVM and OpenVZ-powered VPS plans blends stability and reliability with an affordable price. Both virtualization technologies ensure better resource utilization and a conflict-free environment for your apps.

With the cut-rate VPSs provided by MTWS, you have a guaranteed amount of CPU and RAM memory resources. MTWS also guarantees 5-10 times faster data backups. Solid-state drives will ensure faster speeds for your websites and apps, no matter how busy the machine itself is. The Memcached distributed memory object caching system and the Varnish Cache web accelerator will improve the loading speed of your website even more.


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