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Miki Jr and Minča – 5 days old baby kittens rescued

5 days old baby kitten

5 days old baby kitten

This is the first in the series of videos about Minča & Miki Jr, baby kittens found 2 to 3 days old nearby a market. Their cat mum probably had accident and did not come to feed them for 3 hours. They were rescued by Society for protecting animals, checked by veterinarians and got their temporary home.

When you find small baby kittens alone without their cat mum, then make sure that you wait for 2 or 3 hours. Their cat mum must also eat and she went to catch a bird or mouse ...Contact Society for protecting animals, veterinarians or institution that helps animals in your town. If their mum will not come back, veterinarians know what to do and they will help baby kittens.

Baby kittens get their temporary home first where they receive special cat powder milk, necessary veterinarian's care and everything else they need. Very young baby kittens must eat every 2 hours, they need a massage - so everything what their cat mum would do. Baby kittens stay in their temporary home - so before they are adopted - until they start to normally drink milk and eat normal cat food.

Look how cute they are by drinking milk and by their first steps.

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